The International Association of Wagner Societies (RWVI) unites some 130 Associations around the world. As a German-based Organisation it was founded in 1909 but “internationalised” in 1991 to render all Wagner Societies around the world eligible for membership. The Wagner Society of Scotland is rightly proud to be a member. While many composers have locally or nationally based societies dedicated to their works, no other composer has inspired such a world-wide network of supporting societies. There is much pleasure to be gained from being part of that word-wide family of Wagner lovers.

The purpose of the RWVI mirrors our own, namely to promote and deepen the understanding of Richard Wagner’s works and provides support for the next generation of artists through the Richard-Wagner-Stipendienstiftung (Richard Wagner Scholarship Foundation) founded at the Composer’s behest, to which this Society sends a Scholar every year. The RWVI also works to ensure the continued success of the Bayreuth Festival.

2024 meetings of the RWVI delegates

RWVI Congress 2024 in Berlin May 28-June 3


Madrid: 12-16 May 2024 – further details here