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Newsletter Vol 13 No 4 November 2009

This is our penultimate issue of the year, aimed first to serve as a reminder of our immediately forthcoming events and also to tempt you with some seasonal CD and book ideas. We are keen to raise the profile of our fundraising...Read more

Newsletter Vol 13 No 3 September 2009

In this issue, we look back at some highlights and achievements of the year so far; and we look forward to the first events of our new season. Download a report of the Congress of the International Richard Wagner Societies (RWVI) in Dresden in May...Read more

Newsletter Vol 13 No 2 April 2009

Editorial Forthcoming Events Special Book & CD Offers News in Brief Editorial We are proud to be part of a large family of international Wagner Societies. The International Association of Wagner Societies (see News below) celebrates its centenary this year. Activities around the globe attract...Read more

Newsletter Vol 13 No 1 March 2009

Apologies are due to members and guests who attended the meeting of 25th January when the Society's audio equipment failed. The evening remained convivial, with 20 fortunate members each receiving 3 tickets for the Bayreuth Festival...Read more

Newsletter Vol 12 No 5 December 2008

With this last communication of 2008, and with such an amount of financial gloom being flung at us by the media, let me strike an optimistic note. The arts are not just a consolation but a spiritual necessity in troubled times...Read more

Newsletter Vol 12 No 4 September 2008

Editorial Forthcoming Events Wagner Society Events in England Special Book & CD Offers Bayreuth: Present Imperfect, Future Indicative News in Brief Editorial A new age has begun at Bayreuth, with a change in direction historically comparable only with events in 1930 and 1951. Some of...Read more

Newsletter Vol 12 No 3 June 2008

A time of change, as you will read at the close of Janet Hilder's account of last month's gathering in Geneva. That report forms the main content of this Newsletter, and we are most grateful to her. The retiring president of the International Wagner Society...Read more

Newsletter Vol 12 No 2 April 2008

By the time you read this the Bayreuth artistic succession may have been decided. The world's press has buzzed with the news that Dr Wolfgang Wagner (88) wrote early this month to the Festival's Board approving joint leadership by...Read more

Newsletter Vol 12 No 1 February 2008

Last week marked the 125th anniversary of the Master's death. It was remembered with a commemorative concert in Bayreuth attended by Wolfgang Wagner and his daughter, Katharina. At our first two evenings this year we had impromptu tributes...Read more

Newsletter Vol 11 No 5 December 2007

The untimely death of Gudrun Wagner at Bayreuth on 28th November, at the age of 63, adds another dimension to the much-discussed and unresolved predicament as to who will lead the festival in future...Read more



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