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Newsletter Vol 18 No. 2 April 2014

The April issue of Opera magazine reports interesting — not to say dramatic — news from Dresden and Bayreuth: most importantly for our purposes the announcement that Eva Wagner-Pasquier (great-granddaughter of the composer) will not be renewing her contract ...Read more

Newsletter Vol 18 No. 1 January 2014

‘I will only be happy when the person who gets the loudest applause is the person who has acted best, who has shown the character in the truest way, not the person with the best voice.’ The words not of a theatre manager or producer...Read more

Newsletter Vol 17 No. 5 October 2013

At the Annual General Meeting on 22 September Derek Watson, Will Scott, and Ruth Stroud stood down from the Committee as Chairman, Secretary, and Ordinary Member respectively. They were part of that redoubtable band that formed the Society as a Branch of the London Society in 1984...Read more

Newsletter Vol 17 No. 4 August 2013

This interim edition of our Newsletter is shorter than usual in order to make information available in good time for the Annual General Meeting and other coming events. A fuller Newsletter will be issued in the autumn...Read more

Newsletter Vol 17 No. 3 June 2013

The celebrations continue! And it is a particular pleasure to write my seventy-seventh and last Editorial for this Newsletter with the resounding reverberations of Wagnerian enthusiasm ringing in my ears, after the especially festive birthday month of May...Read more

Newsletter Vol 17 No. 2 March 2013

The President of the International Association of Wagner Societies (RWVI), Professor Eva Märtson, has devoted much of her energies towards encouraging young people to participate in Wagner Societies and to enable today's youth to attend Wagner performances...Read more

Newsletter Vol 17 No. 1 January 2013

Bicentenary greetings and a very happy 2013 to all! The year in prospect, crowded with Wagnerian events, includes several new complete cycles and other revivals of Der Ring des Nibelungen and rare stagings of the three early operas...Read more

Newsletter Vol 16 No. 4 September 2012

Many members will have seen Robert Turnbull's excellent leading article, Twilight of the Tickets , in the August issue of Opera magazine. Although I wouldn't endorse every point he makes, his piece is essential reading on the subject of allocation of Bayreuth tickets...Read more

Newsletter Vol 16 No. 3 April 2012

The scandal of the way the Bayreuth Festival management has treated Wagner Societies worldwide in their mishandling of the ticket allocation issue has been rumbling along for four months now...Read more

Newsletter Vol 16 No. 2 February 2012

Good Bye Bayreuth rang out the headline in the latest magazine of the Finnish Wagner Society. Their chairman Heikki Virri echoed the sentiments expressed in our own last Editorial, pointing out that the action taken by the Festival Management was in response to...Read more



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